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Sling Attachment
Elite Buckle Upgrade +$45
 Adjust Buckle Front part of Sling  Complete Sling 
The TAB GEAR RAS is the same as our regular TAB GEAR Sling from the rear of the sling up to and including the shooters loop that you can slide your arm through and cinch down above the bicep. See Video below
Until now the shooter has been limited in his ability to adjust the sling for slung up positions. You had to mark your sling for different positions and it was time consuming to go from one position to another. Usually you would setup your sling for one position and just live with it in any other position.
The RAS has solved this problem with the Rapid Adjust buckle that is in between the shooters loop and front swivel.
The critical adjustment feature of the RAS sling is to make sure that the Rapid Adjust Buckle is adjusted so that the shooter can easily reach the straps to tighten and loosen the sling when in a shooting position.
If a right handed shooter carries the RAS rifle slung muzzle down in the front of the body from the right shoulder it is very simple to just drop down into a shooting position and reach up and tighten the sling. Imagine that instead of your arm being in the shooting loop, now your whole body is in the loop and the rifle is tightened down. This method is much quicker than inserting the arm into the loop and just as stable.
When shooting off of a barricade or structure keep the rifle slung in front and quickly place the rifle on the structure and tighten up the sling. Now when you reach back with your support arm to grip the butt of the rifle you can place your elbow on the sling and exert downward pressure on the sling which tightens the sling into the barricade and dramatically lessens movement in the scope.
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